Ecole des Mines d'Albi Ecole des Mines d'Albi
Ecole des Mines d'Albi
Watlow designs and manufactures industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and supporting software as well as assemblies – all of the components of a thermal system. The company partners with its customers to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time and improve efficiency of their products and applications. Watlow brings its experience to numerous industries, including semiconductor processing, environmental chambers, energy processes, diesel emissions, medical and foodservice equipment
Aurock offers to support and realize the complete industrialization of superplastic forming of titanium alloys. Indeed, Aurock performs tooling design, process simulations to determine process parameters and SPF parts forming. Those 3 steps are realized in house. The Aurock factory is also able to manufacture refractory castables tools and controls all the stages of the industrialization. Finally, the company has a strong R&D activity in order to improve the superplastic forming process and reduce its cost due to the complexity of this process.
FormTech GmbH FormTech GmbH
FormTech is Spin-Off of the leading German aerospace company. 20 years of experience in development and certification of forming and manu- facturing processes related to aerospace materials are the foundation for top performance in all aspects of forming technology. Today ranks among the world leading specialists in superplastic forming. Our scope of work comprises enineering, development and production for all forming technologies and for titanium, steel and aluminium alloys. Our own laboratory with a development and production press rounds off our facilities.
Created in 1990 PRODEM (means "PROtection DEs(of) Matériaux") with a workshop area of 6000m², the factory was extended in 2008 with an additional 2000m² dedicated to large parts (5m). The production site is specialized in surfaces treatment to answer the needs of Airbus Toulouse and "Midi Pyrenees" Regional Aeronautic industrial needs.
ESI Group is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. Specialist in material physics, ESI has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different environments. With our die face design and sheet metal forming simulation solution called PAM-STAMP, engineers can design, optimize and verify metal forming processes on computer. PAM-STAMP covers cold, warm and hot sheet metal and tube forming processes, patched and tailored blanks, and is used in all industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and appliances.
Schuler Schuler
Schuler is the technological and global market leader in forming equipment. We offer presses, automation, dies, process know-how and services for the entire metal forming industry. Our clients include car manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, appliance, packaging, energy and electrical industries. We are the market leader in coin minting presses and supply systems solutions for the aerospace, railway and large pipe industries. Innovation is in our DNA: Schuler technology ensures maximum productivity, high levels of energy-efficiency and reliable mass manufacturing – also of lightweight parts. We showcase this cutting-edge technology at our TechCenters around the world. With around 5,200 employees, Schuler is represented in 40 countries and is a member of the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.
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